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That smile kills

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he’s cool

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now playing The Strokes (x)

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Limited #206 out of 1000

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No one has ever seen this photo that I took. So this is for you!
Thank you all for being so nice and wonderful these days! x
This was at Bear Creek Studio in Seattle, when they [Regina Spektor & Julian Casablancas] were singing their song together. x

Gordon Raphael

This is a message sent by Gordon to some fan clubs from Argentina via facebook.

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To describe Julian to those who haven’t met him: He’s warm when he greets you and possesses an infectious smile. He’s polite and not afraid to say sorry. He’s surprising, cheeky, and serious. He laughs through his mouth and nose at the same time. He’s more American than many I know and reminiscent of a classic ’80s film character when saying things like “phony weird” and the “fyoo-ch”- as in the future. He laughs at himself, but pays attention to his pinpointed plans.” —Blag Magazine, 2009

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Mr. Casablancas is a blog dedicated to the amazing and awkward Julian Casablancas. If you love Jules or The Strokes, follow this blog, because Mr Casablancas will never disappoint you. P.S. I <3 you |